Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 2009

“XP-82 Restoration Project”
#44  83887 Progress Report
Lefthand fuselage

Work Progress
Another month has gone by so fast.

Finally, we are starting to put parts back together.  We started installing the new ribs and bulkheads on the left fuselage longerons from the firewall to the tail production separation bulkhead.  As expected, everything fit quite well with the expected amount of minor adjustments.  The new fuselage side skins are fitting well and the blueline drilling through the ribs is going perfectly.

Aft lefthand fuselage
The crew has been assembling sub components with the new flat head 442 rivets.  They shoot much more easily than round heads, which will deform if utmost care and pressure are not applied with the rivet gun.  We have received back many difficult to form parts from Tom Wilson (Atlanta) and are very satisfied with the quality and turnaround time.  The prices are somewhat high but well worth having the quality and prompt completion time.
Rear fuselage parts

The new Atlanta machine shop just this week came back with estimates on 15 parts -- right in line with what I expected.  I am having them start on all of the parts.

I have changed direction on the production of the upper and lower longerons.  They were going to be milled out of four 4” x 6” billets, but Tom Wilson has quoted a very reasonable price on stamping (press forming) each one.  The cost will be substantially less.    Peter Lesche (New Jersey) is almost finished with the horizontal stabilizer spar caps.  When they are done, we can start on the horizontal and vertical stabilizer assembly.

Aft lefthand fuselage
This month has been quite inexpensive with no large outlays of dollars.  Even with the stock market recovering somewhat, a number of our investors are choosing to put their hard-earned investments with us.  Thank you all!

Nixon, the engine shop, is plugging along on our two engines and we expect to have delivery on one by year end.

Duplication cross structures
This week I went to Daytona with the second batch of parts for heat treat.  This batch will almost complete all of the parts required for both fuselages, three flaps, elevator, horizontal and four ailerons.

We have only one investor who has not personally seen firsthand the progress on “their” XP-82 project.  Thanks for the trust, but we all want you to come on down and put hands on along with everyone else!  So get down here!

Skins going on the lefthand fuselage
Currently, we are about two months ahead of our proposed budget.  This might not hold forever, but it is comforting to currently be in this position.  Thanks everyone for your confidence in us.

Team XP-82


Every piece you see in the attached photographs is new with the exception of the four longerons and the seven of the XP-82 Team:  Jason, Weezie, Randall, Paul, Tom, Chuck and Barry

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