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The following link takes you to an
article written by Kevin S. Tanner, editor with
Air Classics Magazine

This artcle appeared in EAA E News

Warbirds International, April/May 2013


Watch our XP-82 on her initial flight

Another view on a F-82


  1. Awesome site!! Keep up the good work Tom!!

  2. Beautiful work! My father did a lot of 'impossible' restorations on classical cars himself. Not that his work comes anywhere near this project, but it reminds me of him.

    I'm currently doing a 3D model of a F-82 ('Betty Jo') and stumbled upon this treasure. Will keep a good eye on this! All the best from The Netherlands. Perhaps I'll see the end product with my own eyes one day :))

    1. Francisco,
      I am interested in your 3D model of the XP-82. Could you email me at

  3. Oh, forgot to mention a couple of your photographs really helped me with my modeling! In case you are curious, here's a link to my progress:

  4. Enjoyed your interview on Warbird Radio.

    Great thing that we had Walter Soplata doing his thing.

    Best of luck on the project.