About our XP-82/Location

XP-82  Twin Mustang   #44-83887

Top Speed: 486-mph (Merlin-powered)
                      at 21,000 feet

Cruise Speed:  280-mph

Ceiling: 41,600 ft.

Crew: Two

Range: 1,390 miles (internal fuel); 3,445 miles (four 100-gal.           
               fuel tanks installed beneath the wings.

Powerplant: Two Packard-built Rolls Royce V-1650-23-25 Merlins; 
1,860 hp each, counter rotating.  After first flight, props
turned inboard.  Left engine - right-hand rotation.  Right
engine - left-hand rotation.

Wing Span: 51’3”

Wing Area: 408 sq.ft.
Length: 38’1”

Height: 13’10”  

Weight: 14,914 Empty, 24,813 Loaded

Armament: Six .50 cal. Browning MG 53-2 in center wing.  
                     300 rounds per gun.

Bomb Load: Two 2,000 lb. or four 1,000 lb. bombs.

Flight Controls: Both cockpits complete flight controls

Come see an extremely rare warbird 
under going restoration!

Our XP-82 Twin Mustang project is located in Douglas, GA, 
in the large hangar just south of the FBO 
at the Douglas Municipal Airport (KDQH).

The airport is located just off Highway 441 in Douglas,
  is about an hour northeast of Valdosta, GA, 
and two hours northwest of Jacksonville, FL.

XP-82 Twin Mustang #44-83887
Restoration Project
431 Elton D. Brooks Boulevard
Douglas, GA  31535

WWII Flight Training Museum

WWII Flight Training Museum
During WWII, more than 10,000 young men learned how to fly in the PT-17 Stearman at the 63rd Flight Training Detachment here in Douglas.  

Our PT-17 Stearman
Today, few of these facilities survive.  The most intact, complete and original school left in the United States, thirteen original buildings are still standing.  In order to preserve their story, one of the buildings houses our WWII Flight Training Museum, a fitting memorial to those who prepared to defend freedom.  After you see our XP-82 restoration project, you should plan a visit to the museum as well to see for yourself where victory in the air war             began.

 WWII Flight Training Museum
3 Airport Circle
Douglas, GA  31533


  1. Tom,
    My name is Marty Potts. I have several pieces of "skin" from warbirds including the Memphis Belle and Glacier Girl. I was wondering if you would consider selling a small 8"X8" piece of this historic plane for framing in my small museum.
    Thank you for your consideration, and thank you for doing what you do!!
    All the best!

  2. Tom,
    I read your bio today and had a pleasant surprise. One day when I was around 17 my buddies and I were driving in our home state of New Jersey when we spied an abandoned B-25 sitting on the field up at Caldwell-Wright airport. Realizing it was the Battle of Britain camera plane we could not resist sneaking onto the field to take a look. The plane was open and we did a quick survey to see what shape it was in. An airport official told us that it was abandoned due to a blown engine. I wrote the Confederate Air Force in Texas to see if they were aware of it and if they might be interested in it. A letter came back to say they turned the info over to their procurement officer. That was that last we heard about it. You wouldn't know that procurement officer would you? How did you find out about her at Caldwell? It would be a blast to know - after all these years - maybe my letter had something to do with the restoration.

  3. Tom,
    How much for a t-shirt?

    Greg W.

    1. Send me your address and we can figure postage. We have just a few in stock, so let me know your size. They are $15 each. Thanks for your interest in our aircraft!

  4. Tom,

    Are you restoring the XP-82 for display, or will she be flight-worthy? She's a beautiful machine, and I'd LOVE to see her stalking the skies again!

    1. The XP-82 Twin Mustang will be flight-worthy. We have both Merlin engines, props, etc. She will be stalking the skies again. Thanks for your interest.

  5. I've been a fan of this bird ever since I came across a photo of it when I was a kid. I'm glad to have stumbled across your site! Keep up the great work, guys!

  6. Tom,
    Do you still have hats and T-Shirts available?
    I would like to get a couple of each if you do.

    Wim Kersten
    Retired "Gunfighter Groundswine"
    Lincoln, Nebraska

  7. We have a few on hand. What size shirt would you be interested in? I can then let you know color and availability.
    Many thanks!

  8. Hello Tom, my name is Nathan Thompson I am a Contributor for Thisisflight.net. I know your ways off before first flight but I was wondering if you are going to have media cover first flight? I would love to do a story on the restoration and first flight when it happens, the XP-82 is very significant in History and is unique and would make an amazing story.

  9. Good morning. Just checking to see if there are any T-shirts available and if there is a possibility of purchasing a piece of skin from this aircraft for my office museum.

  10. Tom, I have some additional thoughts on making the stainless exhaust escutcheon we talked about. Please have the gentleman from Urbana contact me if he is interested.
    Thank You for your time in sharing your amazing project. Dan Shady

  11. Hello, I would love to pledge abit money (not thaaat much, but I really would love to support you guys... and also, I would love to have a shirt.. :-D

    1. Was have a few shirts. Send me an e-mail with address, etc. weezieb@gmail.com

  12. How close are y'all to being finished? I would love to come visit. I live in hilton head SC so you're not that far away. I'm a retired crew chief from the air force and love old planes. Thanks Keith

    1. We would estimate four-six months. 90% completed with another 90% to go ... so they say. Anyway, we would love to have you come visit. Just let me know when you might be headed this way. You can send me an e-mail if you want ... weezieb@gmail.com.

  13. Many thanks Tom and Weezie for taking time out to show us the project and do a bit of hangar flying. We're anxious to observe taxi testing. Our friends at Eagle Neck (1GA0) would likely want to fly out for the event. Our email is mikey.flyer53@gmail.com. Best, Mike & Becky C.

  14. Tom, I remember going through your facility in Florida back in 1991 or 1992 and seeing badly damaged pieces of a full P-38 Lightning laid out on the floor, what ever happened to that plane/project?

  15. I am pleased the project is near completion. Several years ago I visited and saw the wing in the back full of clinkos. congratulations.

  16. So will you give rides in this or is this gonna be like static display at air shows?

  17. I would love to take off of work and see you run the engines and even better see a test flight once you are safely cleared. My brother would also love to watch as we are both big P-82 fans. Would like to contribute if possible. Thanks Mike.

  18. I would like to visit your facility, what are your hours of operation ?

  19. We hello! We will be in town tomorrow, 3/8/19 and would like to stop by, will someone be there? Thanks in advance!! Eric E.

  20. I hope to see this part of history at the Titusville airshow next year, nice work with many hours invested future to see. Thanks for the hard work.

  21. My dad, who passed in 2011, worked at the NAA plant in Grand Prairie, TX in 1944-45, and said he worked on the center wing section of the P82 prototype. Obviously, final assy was in Inglewood, but do you have any idea if sections were built in Dallas?