Monday, June 30, 2008

June 2008

“XP-82 Restoration Project”
#44 83887 Twin Mustang Progress Report

A lot of very good progress has been made in the first months of our owning the Twin Mustang XP-82 project.

Engine mount reinforcing plates
I have placed a down payment with Nixon’s Vintage V12s for both engines; lefthand and righthand turners.   I placed another down payment on two 43D50 complete propeller hub and done assemblies, new old stock (N.O.S.) with Jay Wistler.  He is also  supplying us with three N.O.S., hydraulic cylinders for the XP-82.

I was able to purchase a damaged P-82 canopy from Lutz, FL.  I am currently working for a deal for a second OHC canopy and small truck load of misc. F-82 parts.  I will go to Colorado to look at the parts this August.

Radiator Intake Lips
I am talking with Dick Odgers (Fairbanks, AK) about the parts he purchased from the scrap yard in Fairbanks including pretty good verticals, rudders, horizontal and very damaged wings and center section.  He has also just found one H model wing, demilled, which is what we need.  I am scheduled to fly to Fairbanks to go to recover the wreck 25 July 08, and to look at all of his other parts.

On the way to Alaska, I will stop and see the F-82 being rebuilt by Pat Harker in Anoka, MN.  He will show me all of his leftover F-82 parts, a big pile.  He has agreed to sell us what we need.  He has been very helpful with finding our missing parts at Soplata’s.

I have delivered the two top cowls and the forward part of the chin scoop to Bill Yoak in West Virginia.  He will duplicate one set of cowls, our lefthand set is savable, and duplicate the chin scoop and repair the original.

Radiator Inlet Trunk
The lefthand engine mount is now completely disassembled and new parts are being duplicated.  About 50% of the original mount is savable.

The dog house (the part just aft of the belly scoop) has also been disassembled and new and duplicate parts are being built for the original and duplicate righthand side.

Vic Peres (machine shop in Erie, PA) and Tom Wilson (metal former/Atlanta, GA) are both working on duplicating engine mount fittings and formed parts.

I have sent a deposit to Aero Trader for one complete induction trunk; and will order one partial one as we have a large section of the original which is easily repairable.

Cowling Dzus Rails
Three of the crew are disassembling the fuselage, unbolting components, pedals, quadrants, sticks, tanks, etc.  All of these items have now been cleaned and glass beaded.  200+ parts and only four have not passed inspection.  Amazing!  No serious drilling as of yet.

The welded fixture for the fuselage is almost complete.  A little more adjustments and painting and it will be done.  The shipping container that the fuselage and all of the parts are securely stored in has now been sandblasted and painted with cool coat.  What a difference in the temperature inside.

We are right on budget.  Some things have cost some more, i.e., engines, and some much less, i.e., canopies--making the budget even.  Things are going extremely well.  There obviously will be bumps in the road, but we haven’t hit any yet.  

Come see your XP!



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