Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Right-Hand Fuselage

Right-hand Fuselage Almost Airworthy
Section of fuselage from Soplata is a mirror image of the left-hand fuselage.  
Fuselage going together
Fuselage cockpit
Fuselage cockpit.
All side skins are rivited into position.
Top aft skins are riveted into position.
Access door to aft fuselage area.
Battery Door is now installed.
Inside view of Battery Door
Top Skins are complete.
Fuselage is now inverted on the rotisserie fixture for installation of belly skins and scoop/doghouse.
Fitting Belly Skins to the Righ-Hand Fuselage
Fitting Belly Skins to Right-Hand Fuselage
Completed Right-hand Fuselage
Completed Right-hand Fuselage
Right-hand Fuselage Interior Looking Aft

Doghouse skins clecoed into position.

Completed Doghouse

The left-hand and right-hand fuselages in our new hangar.

Right-hand coolant exit door framework

Rotating the right-hand fuselage on the rotisserie to do the final work on the coolant exit door.

Right-hand switch panel and electrical shelf are installed

Right-hand electrical shelf detail

Right-hand fuselage installed on the center section 27 August 2013

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  1. I sure wish my Dad was alive to witness the incredible progress that has been made on such a beautiful airplane.