Thursday, March 7, 2013

Outboard Wings

Forward outboard wing spars

The leading edge ribs being fitted to the two forward outboard wing spars

Outboard wing leading spar nose ribs

Paul and Ayman shooting the left-hand forward wing spar

Outboard wing center and aft ribs

Leading edge spar and rib combinations for both outboard wings

Outboard wing center spars and caps now riveted together.

Making one of the bomb rack supports for the outboard wings.

Milling the outboard wing aft spar upper spar caps.

The spars for each wing have been installed on a temporary fixture for final length fitting of all of the ribs in between the forward, middle and aft spars.

Each set of wing ribs were final joggled for the multitude of stringers
 running from the wing attach angles to the wing tips.

Paul and Randall setting up the compression ribs on one wing center spar

Ayman and Jeremy riveting the compression ribs one of the center spars

Ayman and Jeremy riveting re-enforcing stringers on each rib 

New machined outboard wing flap hinge points

Two sets of outboard wing ribs

Right-hand outboard wing completed through initial set up

Left-hand outboard wing completed through initial set-up

Upper wing attach angle with spot faces

right-hand wing aft view showing the size of the outboard wing aft fuel tank.
It holds 300 US gallons internal on each side -- tons of range.

Preliminary fitting right-hand wing showing the forward fuel tank bay.

Right-hand wing fuel bay hat channels

Left-hand wing being fitted

Right-hand wing stringers in place

Outboard bomb/drop tank support 

Left-hand wing

Skins being fitted to right-hand wing

Left-hand wing

Fitting leading edge skins to right-hand wing

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