Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Merlins & Propellers

Left-hand turner
Left-hand turner is now complete; right-hand turner is 75% complete.
Our Merlin in Our Hangar!
Data Plate on the Merlin
Right-hand turning Merlin
Data plate for the right-hand turning Merlin

With these exhaust stacks, we now have 24 stacks for our Merlins

Our two MT Propellers w/hubs are safely stored in our new hangar!


  1. Any test runs yet? (videos to come?)

  2. This is such a wonderful project. Jack Roush is the go to guy for Merlin Parts as he manufacters and makes parts for most of the Mustangs flying currently. He has the capability of maching anything you might need and I'm surprised that he isn't involved in this project.

    1. Thanks so much for your interest in our restoration of the prototype XP-82 Twin Mustang!!

  3. Thanks so much got your interest in our restoration of the prototype XP-82!!

  4. I know it's a verrrry picky thing, but the engine data plates show that the prop reduction ratio is ever so slightly different between the right and left-handed engines: the right engine's ratio is stamped ".479:1: and the left, ".478:1." Now I know that a "rounding off" situation probably occurred when the "math was done," but still it seems rather odd.

    Just being a nit picker. I cannot WAIT to see this beauty in the air!

    1. Here it is, almost 4 years later and I know the reason for the tiny difference in prop gear ratios: That idler gear on the left-turning engine "induces new math into the equation" and the net number of rotations of the crankshaft to that of the prop is thereby changed just a bit!

      I saw in Gruenhagen that for that reason, the left-turning engine had a prop with 1/2 inch larger diameter, and wonder if that's carried through on the MT props?

      Tom Griffith

  5. Those power plants are AMAZING! When the time comes, it would be heaven to access an audio file of these beauties firing up. The ultimate duet!