Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wing Center Section

Original Forward Spar Caps and Web

Spar Caps

Original Forward Spar Caps and Web / New Forward Spar Caps and Web

Wing Center Section End Cap Fixtures

Main Landing Gear Trunions with Sub Spars
19' Wing Center Section Fixture
Center Section Aft and Middle Spars (forward is up, top is to the left)
Center Section Ammo Bay Bulkhead
New Wing Attach Angles

Center Spar Caps and Web in Steel Fixture 

Center section waffle skins being prepared for riveting and leading edge in drill fixture on right

Leading edge being fitted between the two fuselages.  

Four of the new eight bomb rack sway brace fittings

The new eight bomb rack sway brace fittings are now installed

Milling the ammo door latching rails (above)
Latching rail in place (below)

Be sure to check "Systems" for more Center Section information

After 2 1/2 years, the center section comes out of its fixture

Center section is sitting on its gear

Looking inside the right-hand stress plate cover

Left-hand fuselage being mounted to the center section

Right-hand fuselage being mounted to the center section

Both fuselages now on the center section

Center section flap roller support structure installed

Heavy trailing edge support structure installed

Ayman completing the riveting on the flap bay

Center section aft gun bay doors

Center section trailing edge and wing flap bay closeout

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  1. I totally respect and am humbled to see what you do, and wonder whats to become of this bird when it is done. Its value is beyond cash money.