Sunday, November 2, 2014

October XP-82 Twin Mustang Restoration Update

October was a fabulous month for our XP-82 Twin Mustang

Aft Fuselage Extensions/Dorsal Fins
The final microscopic alignments and attachment of the aft fuselage extensions have now been completed along with all of the primary and secondary flight control pulley brackets, many phenolic cable guides and tail wheel attachments. The team is now into fitting the two dorsal fins on the top of the aft fuselages where they flare into the vertical stabilizers. 

Some of the many phenolic cable guides that run through the aft fuselages

Dorsal fins being fitted

Canopies and Windshields
Both canopies are now permanently fit and attached.  The jettison system for the canopies has now been final adjusted so that all three releases on each canopy release simultaneously.  Both windshield frames and glare shields are now trimmed and permanently fit awaiting the four windshield side glasses. A second team is also fitting the fairings that fit underneath the aft section of both canopies. These fairings seal the canopies to the fuselages as the canopies roll forward. 

Aileron Hinges
The fitting of the ailerons to the XP wings is going along smoothly. We had to remanufacture all new aileron hinge fittings on the four ailerons – the XP has four ailerons and the P-51 has two – and all new hinge points that mount on the wings. We also had to machine the new gap seal extrusions that are on the upper and lower skins on the trailing edges of the aileron bays.  Also, both of our outboard flap hinges have been completed and are being located on each wing. 

Outboard flap hinges

Outboard aileron attach points

Both heat exchangers are now completed and have been delivered to us.  Thank you, Martin Radiator. 

The two aileron actuating forks have now also been completed, and the last remaining items we are waiting on for aileron controls are the four cable sectors, two mounted in each wing. The sectors are the control wheels holding the aileron cables that control the up and down movements of the ailerons.

Gun Mounts
All twelve gun mounts are now installed.

The Katz
First of all, The Katz would like to send a special “Thank You” to The Katz Fan Club in Pittsburgh, PA, for sending them a nice box of Temptations treats.  They are their favorite.

 They also had a great time trick-or-treating and hope everyone else did, too!




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