Sunday, November 1, 2015

October XP-82 Twin Mustang Restoration Update

Our XP-82 Twin Mustang is really starting to take shape
and look like an airplane now! 

Engines and Accessories
Both engines are now permanently installed with all of their OHC accessories mounted, minus one vacuum pump and one generator, both will be received and installed next week.

Exhaust stacks are installed on both engines

Also, both MT Propeller governors are installed. One MT Propeller hub and spinner backing plate has been test fit on the LH engine prop shaft and has a microscopic interference with a small governor screw and feather fitting. A little deeper countersink of the screw and fitting will correct the interference problem.

MT Propeller Blades (8) and Hubs (2)
I am making arrangements with MT for both propellers to be delivered to MT’s U.S. base of operations in DeLand, FL. One of their German propeller technicians will assemble both four-bladed props and I will carry them back to Douglas on a factory propeller trailer.

Belly Scoops, Dog Houses, Radiator Seal Frames & Induction Trunks
All of the above items have been restored for some time now, and this past week they were taken out of storage and test fit. The fitting went really well with a very minor amount of trimming and alignment.

Test fitting of the induction trunks

Guns & Ammo
I spoke to the machine shop completing our .50 caliber replica guns. He assured me they would be completed sometime mid-November. 

A machine gun buyer/seller contacted me and told me he would be bringing us all the loaded ammunition, heads and primers (less powder), sometime in December or January. 

Cowlings – FWF
Three of our team members have started to fit the cowling skins on all of the completed cowl ribs that they finished prior to our get together. We are having some fitting difficulties with the new cowl skins that we had made four years ago. But with some additional English wheeling (a special roller machine to form compound curved skins), they should fit well.

Right-hand forward windshield close-out panel installed

Newly formed engine cowling interior ribs

Newly formed engine cowl Dzus rails

The Fuel Control box and 90% of the wiring is now
installed and hooked up in the left-hand cockpit

Newly machined main landing gear door hinge retract forgings

The Katz
Allison is going to be getting a companion pretty soon. One of the stray cats that Suzzie has rescued and nurtured, will be coming to live at the hangar. I can hear the howls now between Allison and the new one until they finally calm down and get along.

“You are bringing me what as a companion!!”  

Our XP is really starting to take shape and look like an airplane now. Our shipping containers are becoming more and more empty every day with all of the completed parts being installed on both fuselages.  

Tom’s appearance on Warbird Radio 
I had a very nice interview with Matt Jolley of Warbird Radio this past week. I could not believe how many people tuned in to listen. The responses on our e-mail and Facebook page have been overwhelming.