Saturday, October 3, 2015

September XP-82 Twin Mustang Restoration Upd

September was a very exciting month for our XP-82!

The final skinning and completion of the lower part of both outboard wings has now been completed. The sheet metal team is doing the final fitting and riveting of the last outboard wing bulkhead. This outboard bulkhead holds the structural 10/32 nut plates that the wing tip attaches to. The drop-down pitot mast (airspeed indicator) has been fit and completed, and it is at the cad plate shop, expected back any day now. 

The sewing of the fabric gap-seal canvas is being completed. These fabric gap-seals create a barrier so that the airflow over and under the wings will not be able to transition through the gap between the aileron and the trailing edge of each wing.

Take notice of the rivet bucker inside the fuel cell area

Fuel Tanks/Fuel Systems
Now that the wing skinning has been completed, the four outboard tanks can now be permanently installed. The fuel capacity is 205 gallons total for each outboard wing, and 95- gallon tank in each side of the center section, giving a total fuel capacity of 600 U.S. gallons.  

All of the fuel feed and fuel vent lines, along with the cross-feed check valves, are now permanently installed along with the electrical conduits and internal wiring that run through or near the fuel tank bays, i.e. boost pumps (four) and liquidometers (six). 

The electrical team has been hooking up all of the electrical connections in both cockpits. They are about two-weeks away from completion, and at that time, we can put power on the ship and final check each system.

When the electrical system is final checked and accepted, the completed instrument panels with all OHC instruments will be installed (OHC – overhauled condition).

Pilot's side electrical shelf partially completed with the 
temporary tie wraps prior to lacing cord

The fuel control box, which controls everything to do with fuel, i.e., boost pumps, fuel gauges, fuel shut-offs/cross-feed valves and drop tank(s), is now electrically bench checked and completed and ready to be installed. This will be accomplished when the final testing of all the other circuits has been proven. 

The left-hand engine is now permanently installed, with the right-hand engine being installed next week, and all of the overhauled accessories will be installed in their respective positions on each engine, i.e., generators, governors, tach generators, fuel and vacuum pumps. Both overhauled engines came from Vintage V12s with the overhauled carburetors mounted.

This is the right-hand turner

Engine Cowlings
The sheet metal crew has started duplicating the ribs for a pair of right-hand upper and lower engine cowlings. 

Newly machined radiator coolant neck identical to the original cast one

Newly machined aft up-lock latch hooks and trunnions for
the main landing gear doors

"I'm hiding. Don't tell Tom 'cause he will put me back to work." -- Allison

We apologize for being three days late. We have been busy wiring and hanging an engine.


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