Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sub-Components and Assemblies

Carb Air Temperature/Ram Air Controls

Electrical Shelves

Fuel Control Box

Fuel Drop Tank Pressure Selector

Gear Uplocks

Governor Controls

Ground Power Unit Plug

Glycol Header Tank

Hydraulic Shelf, Cylinders & Actuators

Hydraulic Tank

Instrument Panels

Oil Tanks


Pilot and Co-Pilot Stick Towers

Pilot and Co-Pilot Switch Panels

Throttle Quadrant

Trim Boxes

Some of the Wiring Harnesses

Allison (Then)

Rivet  (Then)

Allison and Rivet Today 

Back to Wiring

Soldering of hundreds of wires into Cannon plugs 
on the co-pilot floor rails is complete.

Jeremy installing control cable pulley brackets

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